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the cult of 2112

"[...] the Cult of 2112 is not, actually, born under this name.
It is, in fact, the evolution of a previously existing coven
known as the Temple of Man [...]"

Gary P. Pierce, 1995

A religious sect
is jeopardizing the future of the human kind.

the plastic wake

"There is nothing aberrant
in trying to chemically reproduce the human vital process;
nothing should be more sacred [...] than demonstrating, on the contrary,
that what is sometimes brought back to the deed of a superior god
can, in fact, be accomplished by man as well."

L. Roy Zermeno, 1972

If we don't stop it now, we'll be substituted by synthetic beings,
machines which will live our lives.
It's time to fight.
Join the resistance.


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Plastic Wake is a real-life investigative game.
You can fund us and you'll receive your personal package,
ready to play, alone or with your friends.


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